US$ 29.50 Per Month 200 Lines | 1 of 100 Shares 2 Draws Per Week For 1 Month
US$ 50.00 Per Month 300 Lines | 1 of 150 Shares 2 Draws Per Week For 1 Month

EuroMillions overview 

The EuroMillions lottery is one of Europe’s top transitional lotteries and is amongst the top lotteries known to man around the globe due to their high jackpots and massive pay-outs. The EuroMillions has turned many Europeans into millionaires overnight since the game’s debut in 2004.

How to play the EuroMillions

To play the EuroMillions simply choose five numbers between 1 and 50, and 2 lucky star numbers between 1 and 12.

We offer exclusive VIP EuroMillions Syndicates that consist of 150 members, each Syndicate receives 75 lines per week, which amounts to 300 Syndicated lines per month. An Optimized Statistical Number Algorithm is used to select the VIPs lucky numbers to increase the players odds of making a big win. 

How often is the EuroMillions played?

The official EuroMillions draws are held every Tuesday and Friday evening around 8pm GMT (9pm CET).

How much does the EuroMillions cost to play?

You can purchase a EuroMillions line for around £4.55, or you can take part in one of our EuroMillions Syndicates and receive hundreds of Syndicated lines per month for a fraction of the cost. We offer the below packages:

  • 300 Lines | 150 Shares for £39 per month
  • 200 Lines | 100 Shares for £22.50 per month
  • 100 Lines | 50 Shares for £15 per month

By owning a share of these tickets, you will be entered into every draw, and you will drastically increase your chances of winning the lottery at a significantly lower cost. Any winnings are shared equally between the participating players within the Syndicate.

How to buy EuroMillions tickets 

We offer EuroMillions lottery Syndicates easily and securely online. To play the lottery you can follow this simple procedure:

Step 1 – Register 

To play the EuroMillions lottery you will need to first register or login to your online account.

Step 2 – Select the EuroMillions Lottery 

Select the EuroMillions lottery option you would like to play. 

We use an Optimised Statistical Number Algorithm to randomly select all the Members lucky numbers, which will help increase your odds of making a big win.  

Step 3 – Add to cart and pay

Once you are happy with your lottery choice, all that remains is for you to click on the confirm your purchase button.

After your payment is successful you will automatically be entered into the lottery draws weekly and your lines will be added to your profile for you to view 4 hours before each draw.

Step 4: Cash out winnings  

In the event of a win, your group’s winnings will be sent straight to your account which you can cash out. 

How can you find out if your Syndicate won the EuroMillions jackpot?

The winning numbers are announced on our Homepage and Results page.

After every draw, if your Syndicate makes a win, the winnings will be equally divided by the number of members in your Syndicate and will be loaded onto your membership account with us.

Is LottoChimp safe to play online?

Yes, LottoChimp is safe to play online! As a respected and reputable lottery messenger service, we have a proven track record and many satisfied customers. We operate under the strictest regulations, and our customers' data, personal details, and funds are kept safe under the highest level of security. We take pride in being a legitimate and credible member of the gaming industry. 

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